The star crossed lovers from District 12.

GtKM Meme: [1/5] favorite actresses: Jennifer Lawrence

 “She’s this young, talented klutz who has won an Oscar at such a young age and has the entire world loving her. But she deserves every bit of praise she’s received. I can safely say that she genuinely hasn’t and never will let any of it go to her head. She’s an inspiration to me as much as everyone else and I’ve loved having the opportunity to work with her.”-Sam Claflin

We all bear scars,… mine just happen to be more visible than most.

(Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas)

Are you here to f i g h t with us?


The girl smiled. It was both warm and conspiratorial and it made Scarlet shiver.


HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE: The Hunger Games

“Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.” 


Books meme » Twenty otps [7/20] | Ruby & Liam (The Darkest Minds)

“Close your eyes,” I whispered. “I’m going to finish the story.” I felt the trickle at the back of my mind and let it turn into a roar. And when I kissed him, when my lips pressed against his one last time, slipping inside of his mind was as easy as taking his hand had been. I felt him jerk back, heard him say my name in alarm, but I didn’t let him get away. I pulled myself from his mind, day by day, piece by piece, memory by memory, until there was nothing of Ruby left toweigh him down or keep him bound to my side. It was a strange unwinding sensation, one I had never felt before, or maybe one I never recognized until that moment.